Key Objectives
Medi-Caps initiative to set up this 'Skills Development Cell' is to supplement the Graduate & Post Graduate Courses curriculum with the campus based Personality Development training, which provides a unique opportunity for all the students of the college to develop their soft skills; upgrade their communication and presentation skills. A separate Lab of sixty students is also set up along with Digital Language Lab with the state-of-art facilities for various Expert Lecture Sessions, Workshops, and Language Learning Sessions by providing the environment of interactive activities to groom the students' personal & communications skills. The teaching methods in the skill development training include class sessions, assignments, role plays, quizzes, and various other activity based sessions. The emphasis is on learning by doing spoken english.
Importance of spoken english and related soft skills cannot be neglected in today's world of cut throat competition where these skills hold crucial role in almost every field from vivas to placement. The Spoken English session is conducted by the Communication Skills Department, an endeavour to make them aware with the appropriate linguistic techniques , communication skills and personality traits.

The training of enrolled students has been divided into three major modules :

  • THE FIRST MODULE is for beginners and focuses primarily on elementary concepts such as sentence formation, subject verb agreement, common error etc.
  • THE SECOND MODULE goes to an intermediate level wherein verbal communication skills are improved by means of various exercises, assignments . Beside grooming of candidates via table manners , etiquettes , dressing classes etc is also done.
  • THE THIRD MODULE acts as a finishing touch to the training wherein students practise & test their skills by means of mock group discussion, mock personal interviews etc .

These classes are organized mainly to focus on students who want to develop their over all personality.