Dr. Harish Bapat

It gives me immense pleasure to recognize that the large pool of young talents in India is on its way to explore the new vistas of knowledge, especially in the field of Business Management and applied commerce. At this junction, let me introduce you with a novel endeavor of Medi-Caps University - creation of Knowledge and Skills based education in the Management and Commerce education which runs the university affiliated and AICTE approved programs on B-School Pattern.

Being interested in management and Applied Commerce, you must have known about the global economic upheaval. This is leading to a total paradigm shift. The challenge is -how to align businesses strategically to make it more feasible & robust, which is leading to the development of new competitive business models.

In fact, there is a tremendous shortage of competent professionals in the areas of strategic business management & Commerce to support and drive organizations in this changing paradigm in all verticals.

 In this scenario, our educational methodology has been appropriately designed to meet these challenges. We believe that the teaching and industrial/social research have to go hand in hand to ensure professional developments of the students. We achieve this by facilitating creativity, addressing contemporary issue, social reach and industry interaction with global perspective. In addition to this, the career-oriented certificate programs in different areas/domains are also added to strengthen the learning methodology. We have a participative culture among management, faculty, students & industry, which makes us competitive for accelerated growth & adopting best in the academia.

I therefore invite students from various backgrounds, liking & competence to join hands with us as a sound launching platform to excel in their career.

                                                          With best wishes