S. No Statute
1 Short Title, Commencement and the Jurisdiction
2 Definitions
3 Seal of the University
4 The Objectives of the University
5 Appointment, Terms and Conditions and Powers of the Chancellor
6 Appointment, Terms and Conditions and Powers of the Vice-Chancellor
7 Appointment, Functions, Duties and Powers of the Registrar
8 Appointment, Functions, Duties and Powers of the Chief Finance and Accounts Officer
9 Governing Body
10 Board of Management
11 Academic Council
12 Finance Committee
13 Standing Committee
14 Examination Committee
15 Faculty of Studies
16 Dean of the Faculty
17 Constitution of Faculty
18 Powers and Functions of Faculty
19 Board of Studies
20 Students Council
21 Appointment of the Teachers in the University
22 Categories of the Non-Teaching Employees
23 Other Officers of the University:
24 Conferment of Honorary Degrees and Academic Distinctions
25 Provision Regarding Fee to be Charged from the Students
26 Administration of Endowment Fund for the Award of Fellowships, Scholarships, Medals and Prizes in the University
27 Convocation
28 Admission of Students
29 Annual Report
30 Resignation
31 Action against Teachers
32 Action against Non-Teaching Employees
33 Appointment of Examiners
34 The Proctorial Board
35 Pro Vice - Chancellor
36 Dean of Students
37 Creation of New Authorities
38 Other Committees
39 Departmental Council, Composition, Functions and Actions
40 The Planning and Development Board and Functions
41 The Board of Affiliation
42 Recognition Committee, Constitution and Functions
43 Representation of Female Faculty in the Board of Management
44 Creation of Centers, Cells and Committees for Quality Education and Accreditation Processes
45 Creation of Chairs
46 Selection Committees for Non- Teaching Positions
47 Procedure of Appointment for Non- Teaching Positions
48 Conditions of Service of Employees
49 Terms and Conditions of Service and Code of Ethics for the Teachers and Other Academic Staff of the University
50 Tribunal Arbitration
51 Naming of the Institutions, Buildings and Academic Blocks etc.
52 University Fund
53 Provident Fund
54 Gratuity Fund