S No. Name Department Contact No.
1 Mr. Ruchir Lashkari (Prof. I/C Sports) Civil 9009574161
2 Mr. Amit K. Sharma MCA 9826221110
3 Mr. Gourav Patel Mechanical 9009987788
4 Mr. Ashwin Parihar Civil 9340426640
5 Mr. Hemant Khambate Pharmacy 9893670420
6 Mr. Rahul Tiwari EC 7828936388
7 Dr. Ranju Yadav Chemistry 9406834330
8 Ms. Shweta Mandloi Civil 8889708867
9 Ms. Amrita Mantri EE 9827588334
10 Ms. Pooja Singh EC 9425945911
11 Mr. Shyam Sunder Singh Tomar (C/I) Admin 6266299757
12 Mr. Sukhdev Bamboriya (Sports officer) Sports 8959363653
13 Mr. Animesh Saxena B.Com. 7000919874
14 Mr. Abhishek Poorviya CS 7879055105
15 Mr. Hedar Shah ME 7692997286
16 Mr. Vikas Soni MCA 8109920165
17 Mr. Shahil Jain Pharmacy 7000319198
18 Mr. Pranjal Sharma B.Sc. (Agriculture) 9893817395
19 Ms. Ritika Sharma EC 9179446536
20 Ms. Ishika Chaterji B.Sc. (Forensic) 9424947794
21 Ms. Shruti Mittal MBA 7223935958
22 Ms. Radhika Heda Civil 9926993314

Proposed plan for FIT INDIA CAMPAIGN of this Semester (January to June 2020)

Action Plan:-Formation of Fitness Club with 20 members including Faculty, Staff & Students. The objective of the club would be to organize fitness activity, sports events & sensitize people above adopting healthy lifestyle. Fitness club will meet at least once in a month to review their plan and achievements.

Fitness hour:-Designating a physical activity hour (Min.45 Minutes) every day for every students.

Incentive for Implementing FIT INDIA Scheme:-

The grading obtained by the institutions in Fit India Scheme shall have a weight age of 5% marks in NIRF. Based on the obtained a star rating (From Zero to Five) of institutions will be done. Institute to give Certificates to the Students/Faculty/Staff for good performance in Fit India Campaign.

S No Month Fitness Campaign Activity Fitness Regular Activity Fitness Sporting Activity Sports Meet
  1   January Formation of Fitness Club, Schedule of the event, Awareness Campaign by Sports authority about FIT India Campaign to the Faculties, Staff & Students & uploading the details at Web Site.
      2       February   Talks by Doctors/health specialist   One Week Yoga & Meditation Camp Intramural Competition for Two Games Cricket & Table tennis     District level Inter University Meet
    3     March   Expert Lecture on Nutrition/ Fitness   One week Run/Walkathon Camp Intramural Competition for Two Games Basketball & Chess     HPL Meet
      4       April     Cycling/Fitness awareness camp   One Week Aerobics & Dance Camp Intramural Competition for Two Games Football & Volleyball Inter Departmental Kabaddi/ Handball/ Badminton
5 May Exam Schedule & Copy Viewing
6 June Faculty & Staff Sports Week